Be Smart with Your Background Verification​

Be Smart with Your Background Verification

Trusted by 2,000+ companies

The Next-Gen Background Verification Platform

Easiest, most flexible, and most delightful employment background check experience

100% Transparency​

Holistic view of entire employee background verification journey

Upto 80% Faster TAT

Accelerate background verification process to meet SLAs

Near 100% Accuracy​

Comprehensive background checks to build trust with data

How it works for Recruiters

Background Verification Service Platform for Recruiters

Easiest, most flexible, and most delightful employment background check experience for the hiring managers

Recruiter Dashboard

Leverage the Power of Data with Intuitive Dashboards

iBRIDGE’s unified dashboards provide a single view of all your verification checks

Gain Actionable Insights

Make well-informed and effective decisions with intuitive real-time dashboards to track all relevant metrics.

Reduce Verification TAT

Complete visibility of where the case is in the background verification journey. Thus, allowing the hiring team to be on top of the verification turnaround time (TAT)

Track Discrepancy Severity

Red, amber, and green (high to low) severity color-coded pie-chart to track overall discrepancy in the number of cases.

Recruiter Reports

DIY Reporting Module for Data-driven Insights

Background check reports to help identify trends and take data-driven decisions.


Customize Reports according to Your Needs

Custom verification reports to track what matters without the chaos of unnecessary parameters. Enjoy the flexibility to analyze the data as required.

Schedule Reports for Timely Updates

Set up reports to run daily, weekly, or monthly and send the results automatically to all stakeholders.

Pre-built Templates for Faster Execution

Get access to 20+ background verification report formats for hassle-free and fast report building.

Candidate Status

Know where the Candidate is in their Onboarding Journey

Get end-to-end visibility of the candidate verification journey.

Unified View of Candidate's Journey

iBRIDGE allows you to view all the candidate information along with their status on a single screen for easy access and tracking.

Activity Feed for Candidate Update

Real-time update for individual candidates – which stage they are at, any pending requests or tasks. Be in the loop at every stage.

Filter Candidates on Multiple Parameters

Slice and dice the candidate information based on their status, pending action, link expiration date, and more to make the data more relevant to your team’s needs.

Verification Platform Features to Improve Recruiter Experience

Background Check Verification Solution for a Seamless Onboarding Verification Journey

Bulk Actions

Upload list to initiate bulk verification

Advanced Search Options

Filter candidates based on multiple parameters

Multichannel Notifications

Employee screening notifications via email, WhatsApp, SMS, IVR/Calling

Invoice Management

Download, share, or raise concern for BGV invoice

User Management

Access control based on user roles and authorization

Advanced Dashboards

Live dashboards to track real-time progress and trends

Custom Reports

Pick the metrics you want to monitor while scheduling reports

Send Reminders

Send candidate reminders to nudge them to complete the process

Bulk Sign Off

Upload list to give bulk approval for verified cases

Business grows when you build trust in people

AuthBridge helps you with fast, friendly, and comprehensive background checks – smarter in every way.

How it works for Candidates

Background Verification Platform for Candidates

Easy to use, clunk-free background screening solution for employees

360-Degree View

Making the Verification Journey Convenient

iBRIDGE aims at making the candidate onboarding journey a breeze with its easy-to-use interface and features.

Single View of Your Verification Journey

See all the modules that you need to complete while having the ability to track your status with a progress bar.

Verify Yourself from Anywhere, Anytime

iBRIDGE being a device-agnostic platform allows the candidates to log in from any device – laptop, desktop, or mobile for easy access.(TAT)

Don’t Lose Out on Your Progress

Auto-save the information and documents that you have already updated on iBRIDGE. No need to worry about re-uploading them in case of any technical glitch.

Candidate's Convenience

Be Efficient, Save Time

iBRIDGE offers a host of capabilities to optimize candidate experience without compromising accuracy.


QR Code Enabled Digital Address Verification

No more delay. Simply scan the QR code to directly access the digital address verification (DAV) page and get verified.

Dropdowns for Document Selection

No need to type, just select your National Identity Card (NID) type from a list of available drop-down options.

Auto-suggestion for Faster Updation

Utilize our proprietary database to get auto-suggestions for your school, college, or company names for quick updates.

Candidate Helpcenter

Candidate Support All the Way

Do not keep the candidate hanging. iBRIDGE provides multiple ways for candidates to resolve any doubts they might have.

Self-serve FAQs

List of frequently asked questions to resolve 90% of candidate queries about the verification platform or process.

Video Tutorials

Pre-recorded video to assist the candidates while completing the required employee background verification checks.

Easy-to-use Interface

A self-explanatory and clutter-free user interface to facilitate a faster and smooth verification process.

Capabilities to Simplify Employee Background Verification

Employee Verification Features for a Seamless Candidate Experience

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile responsive platform for easy access

Geo-location Tagging

Real-time identification and validation of location

OCR for Data Capture

Automate manual upload of NID data

Multiple E-Sign Options

Type, draw, or upload your e-signatures

Self-service Portal

Platform query management with FAQs and video assistance

Progress Bar

Keep track of complete vs incomplete sections

Integrated with Leading Industry Platforms

No coding required. Plug ‘n play integrations to connect your workflows across platforms. From HRMS, CRMs, ERPs to customer support apps, AuthBridge integrates with 140+ tools to make your journey smooth


Expert insights at your finger tips.

All things Background verification, Due Diligence , candidate experience and more.



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