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Create safer classrooms and ensure secure learning environments

India’s higher education segment is expected to increase to Rs 2,44,824 crore (US$ 35.03 billion) by 2025*, thanks to the booming EdTech space. It is more important than ever to verify the workforce of professors, teachers and other academic personnel so that we build a trusted and safe learning ecosystem. Our data-driven identity verification and onboarding products leverage a database of 2M+ records to validate identity, education, criminal, and employment records of individuals and businesses.

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Build end-to-end onboarding journeys saving time and costs

Digital onboarding has become need of the hour in the post-pandemic world. Schools and colleges conduct classes online. Falling in line, even admission processes are turning to digitise end-to-end, making it essential to make the entire onboarding process contactless. With our AIpowered products, make your onboarding journeys instant and paperless. Verify and validate personal and professional details of teachers, professors and other staff in the education sector at speed and scale. Using our verification technology, onboarding becomes instant, remote, paperless and saves you time and costs.

Hire verified teachers and meet compliance requirements

When it comes to hiring, educational institutions and platforms have not been careful with their risk mitigation, safety, and compliance procedures. Professors, staff, and teachers are in constant touch with students, making background checks important to avoid risks of unfortunate incidents. With our automated background screening and onboarding solutions, you can undertake advanced authentication procedures and make learning safe.

Create a digitally trusted ecosystem through in-depth evaluation

With the current EdTech revolution where classes are conducted on screens, it is important to build a safe education ecosystem for all the stakeholders. The trust in the education system is breached every time we hear cases of degree forgery, false institutes, and fake claims, which are rampant and hard to detect. This necessitates the need for background checks in the education industry. Our education check products are built on AI and ML technologies that leverage the power of deep search algorithms and searches through the largest database in India to catch any such discrepancies in degrees and documents.

Our authentication products create a conducive environment to learn

Employee Onboarding

With our web-based, automated and secured solutions, digital onboarding has become near-instant with quick background verification, speedy documents collection, regular follow-ups, and hassle-free hiring.

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iBridge™ is our comprehensive product for end-to-end employee screening and onboarding. With customisable workflows and in-depth reports on each background check case, iBridge™ makes onboarding paperless and contactless, helping you save onboarding time by 90% and reduce operational costs by 70%. iBridge™ comes as a stand-alone web platform with customisable, end-to-end workflows and can also be integrated with your existing HRMS tool using our APIs.

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Student Services Bureau

Student Services Bureau is our web-based platform to instantly validate education details of individuals. SSB leverages the power of deep search algorithms, artificial intelligence and a comprehensive database built by collaborating it with India’s colleges and universities. Its powerful analytics give real-time reports and results, eliminates waiting time of getting reponses from educational institutions and has a design-led user interface making it fairly easy to use.

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SignDrive is our digital document processing platform that lets you upload, sign and submit documents digitally. It is a document management tool that lets multiple users electronically sign documents on a cloud-based storage. Among its many use cases, it is highly useful for educational institutes to enable professors and students to track the flow of documents within various departments, helping them create legally enforceable electronic and digital signatures, thus reducing the need for wet signatures ensuring all legal formalities can be completed in a paperless, presence less and contactless way.

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Our authentication technology has many use cases

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