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Embrace contactless, real-time verification for your customers

Speed up, scale up and transform your customer experience digitally by verifying them with our authentication technology built for the new economy. Say hello to customisable workflows that understand your specific business needs, eliminate delays and errors as you unleash the power of artificial intelligence and work in real-time making your customer journey noteworthy, and this world a more secure place.

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Automate authentication, reduce costs and onboarding time by up to 70%

In a post-pandemic world, going contactless is the way forward for financial organisations. This is something that comes with AuthBridge’s verification solutions as a top feature, and is a key factor in minimising customer drop-out rates. When you adopt AuthBridge’s artificially intelligent, data-driven authentication technologies, you can onboard and verify your customers instantly without any paperwork, remotely at ease, saving time by up to 90%. Adopting AuthBridge’s authentication products for your organisation can help you save operational costs by up to 70%, eliminating risks like bad assets and frauds, so you can scale up your organisation without compromising on security.

Bring in authentication technology for today and tomorrow

Make your onboarding experience contactless and reduce customer drop-out rates by eliminating delays and errors involved in paperwork and manual verification. Built with AI, our future-ready authentication technology can be scaled up as you like so your organisation can go to market with speed and move towards the future economy faster. All our products are industry-compliant, making speed, accuracy, trust and scalability a winning combination of your customer experience.

Customise experience with flexible workflow

Imagine using authentication technology as you like – whether you require it as an end-to-end application, a stand-alone feature, as a seamlessly integrable Application Program Interface (API) or the whole Software Development Kit (SDK), our technology remains flexible and can be integrated with your existing processes as you need it. You can choose what you need to plug in whether it’s a single feature or end-to-end journeys. All our authentication products come with customisable workflows, so you get what your organisation truly needs.

Stay compliant with complete data security

Your data security is of the utmost importance to us. We are stealthy while conducting background checks but we are respectfully yours. We are committed to protecting data privacy of our clients and users including the personal and confidential data involved in identity verification. Our products meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and global encryption standards so when your organisation scales up, you can be sure that it is also adhering to the ever-changing compliance requirements. Our data privacy policy is ISO-compliant, you can learn more about it here.

Our authentication products build a secure world

To thrive in the new economy, where work and business happens remotely across continents, going digital and contactless is inevitable for the organisations of today. Our BFSI products are made to solve key challenges faced by banks, mobile wallets and non-banking financial companies of the new world. All our authentication products enable digital transformation minimising fraud and bad assets, making this world a more secure and trustworthy place for all its stakeholders.

Meet the ever-evolving compliance requirements with TruthScreen™

TruthScreen™ addresses the core issue of trust deficit in the BFSI sector. It provides real-time, data-based authentication using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep search algorithms to enable faster account opening and onboarding. TruthScreen™ uses the largest public database, along with AuthBridge’s proprietary database, allows multiple users in a design-first interface, comes with a simple API-based integration – all packed to make sure your organisation meets compliance requirements and regulatory guidelines with ease and speed without compromising on data security of your customers. TruthScreen™ requires minimal training and is trusted by most leading banks and NBFCs as a compliance infrastructure that enhances customer experience.

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Delight your customers with a contactless, instant KYC. Minimise drop-out rates significantly

Make KYC process a delightful experience for your customers with our digital and video KYC products. Built on capabilities like optical character recognition (OCR), face recognition, combined with deep search algorithms, our digital and video KYC solutions speed up your onboarding experience by 90% without compromising on security and compliance, so you can onboard large numbers of customers
instantly and reduce drop-out rates. Our KYC solutions filter your customers into high-risk and low-risk cases by understanding the nature of a user’s financial activity, helping you meet all your anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements and spot any warning signs.

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Our authentication technology has many use cases across industries

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