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Post Investment Risk Watch - AuthAssure™

AuthAssure™, by AuthBridge, is a unique due diligence solution to ensure that your investments stay screened throughout their lifecycle.

  • Monitor your investments with AuthAssure™ throughout the course of the association
  • Identify any inconspicuous changes in risk parameters defined at the time of investment
  • Ensure that the invested money is not used for unethical/criminal practices or financial frauds

Post Investment Risk Watch is a good investment monitor for all types of investors

Financial institutions such as NBFCs, Banks, Co-operative Societies as well as other entities such as Risk Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Analysts can use our solution for effective investment risk mitigation.

Our Post-Investment Risk Watch solution delivers detailed insights along with benefits like:


  • Access to a proprietary platform - CorpVeda™ - powered by latest technology and sophisticated intelligence
  • Comprehensive business research through access to leading databases
  • Fastest turnaround times with detailed reporting
  • Company Vitals

    Verification of a company on several parameters - CIN, incorporation details, registered address, authorised/paid-up capital, etc.

  • Index of Charges

    Gathering details on the charge created by a company on its assets and properties, present and future, in favour of a financial institution

  • Director Credentials

    Finding information on present and past directorship of the company’s directors and details on the previous directors of the company

  • Financials

    Verification of details related to a company’s financials such as Balance sheet, Profit and Loss statement, Capital structure, Financial Ratios, etc.

  • Shareholdings

    Collection of information on shareholders and the number of shares held by each of them to understand shareholding related risks

  • Risk & Compliance

    Identification of adverse records like credit defaulters, criminal and civil litigation records, bankruptcy filings of the subject company and its directors

  • Related Entities

    Verification of businesses related to the researched company, including holding companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures and the companies where directors have a significant stake

  • Documents

    Gathering information, including Annual Reports, Charge documents, Financial statements and more, on corporate filings of a company from the MCA database

  • Trademarks

    Verifying if a legally differentiating insignia, phrase or symbol denoting a product or service by an organisation is owned by that organisation

  • Web and Media Search

    Insightful and exhaustive research for web and media mentions under the name of an organisation, its directors and top management

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Post Investment Risk Watch - AuthAssure™

An automated solution for regular screening of your investments to ensure desired results throughout their lifecycle

What is the process of Investment Risk Due Diligence?
Investment Risk Due Diligence process is a step-by-step process of evaluating a business model and associated factors- operations, financials, compliance, legal, tax, people, shareholdings, credit, media reputation and other factors that make a difference to your investment.
What is difference between Investment Due Diligence & Post-Investment Due Diligence?
Investment Due Diligence is conducted to check the credentials and reputation of an entity before taking an investment decision. Post Investment Due Diligence is conducted to keep a check on investments and identify any inconspicuous changes in risk parameters.

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