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Identity Verification discrepancy has seen a rise of 50% since 2016*

*Source: Annual Trend Report 2018 | AuthBridge

Instant Identity Verification

We deliver Identity Verification in real time through verification of national IDs such as Driving License, Aadhaar, PAN Card, Voter ID etc. This enables hiring managers to prevent identity thefts and take quick and reliable hiring decisions.

Add speed to your hiring process with our Instant Identity Verification Solution

The solution helps in verifying the identity claim of a potential hire, ruling out fake identities and in safeguarding an organisation against identity thefts. It also aids in sifting out potential employees with dubious backgrounds at the beginning of the hiring process, saving time and resources. Sharing economies in need of instant identity checks and onboarding blue-collar employees such as delivery boys, housekeeping staff etc. can especially benefit from Instant Identity Verification.


Instant Reports with just a click

  • Time and cost-efficient employee onboarding with faster turnaround

  • An efficient and cost-effective solution adaptable across industries

  • A single platform for accessing all KYC-related services – national IDs, criminal record checks etc.

Key Checks
  • Aadhaar Authentication

    Tech-powered platform to automate Aadhaar authentication 

  • Driving License Verification

    Instantaneous authentication by accessing data from Parivahan Sewa of the Government of India

  • Voter ID Verification

    Verification of credentials through integrated and manual options

  • Passport Verification

    Authentication using an advanced algorithm that generates MRZ code

Over 17 million people are impacted by identity theft every single year.
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