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We are service providers to 90% of the companies in the shared economy in India.

Blue-Collar Employee Screening – StaffAssure™

StaffAssure™ is a product designed for background screening of the blue-collar workforce. It helps organisations in building a reliable workforce of contractual or temporary employees, such as drivers, delivery boys, security force, housekeeping staff etc. through instant identity verification as well as quick turnaround on other checks required to verify blue-collar employees.

Verify customer-facing blue-collar workforce against best applicable parameters

Our solution exclusively focuses on uneducated, migrant, transient and customer-facing blue-collar staff. It efficiently and quickly authenticates and onboards blue-collar employees and temporary staff, thereby, efficiently meeting recurring demand for their services. It also helps in identifying cases of fake address and education certification as well as criminal records pan India. Security agencies, factories, housekeeping companies, facility management companies, logistic companies as well as organisations in hospitality, healthcare and shared economy can use StaffAssure™ for reliable blue-collar employee screening.


Get real-time results, faster and detailed reporting along with benefits like:

  • Instant identity checks
  • Proprietary criminal database with advanced algorithms for intelligent searches
  • Data security compliant with global standards
  • Range of services -from self-service to bespoke
Key Checks
  • Identity Check

    Quick identity verification through validation of national IDs

  • India - Court Record Database Check

    A search for a candidate’s name in the litigation data released by civil and criminal courts in the public domain

  • Police Verification

    Police verification of a candidate’s recorded history in the relevant jurisdiction and police department

  • Address Verification

    Confirmation of the residential address - current, previous or permanent - through physical site visit and geo-coordinates validation

The easy hiring of blue-collar in the sharing economy poses safety threats.
Could you be entrusting your safety to a criminal?
The brutal murder of the 25-year old, Mumbai-based lawyer, Pallavi Purkayastha in 2014.
How background verification of the blue-collar staff could have prevented it.
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