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Anil specializes in forming strategic alliances and programs that add value to customer relationships. At AuthBridge, Anil has nurtured key relationships and engendered strategic partnerships that have led to a significant revenue growth. Anil’s expertise in business development, program execution, managing cross-cultural businesses and establishing efficient and profitable customer support functions from the scratch has led the Sales and Client Servicing vertical far since its founding days.

24 years of rich work experience has ensured the extension of Anil’s portfolio to Corporate and Industrial Selling, Direct Selling and Dealer Networks. Prior to AuthBridge, Anil has held a key leadership position at a French Multinational, providing high-end CAD/CAM technology solutions.

Tenaciously protecting his client’s interest gives Anil an adrenaline spike as do high-octane action movies and a good game of golf on a bright Sunday. Anil is go-getter whom you will never find giving up on a belief or giving in to the idea that Mission: Impossible III isn’t the best in the series.