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The manufacturing sector is one of the most technologically sound sectors in India, contributing 16-17% to the GDP (source: Yet, the inability to hire and retain skilled resources at scale has been a big challenge for the industry, with frequent vendor frauds and operational inefficiencies adding more problems for the sector. AuthBridge’s employee and business intelligence solutions are backed by advanced verification technology. Through flexible and scalable background check workflows, we help you onboard genuine and reliable employees, vendors, suppliers, and business partners.

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Build a digital employee onboarding experience that saves you time and cost

Contactless and digital onboarding has become the need of the hour in the post-pandemic world as businesses are returning to usual, resulting in increasing workforce requirements. Thus, instant onboarding at scale supported by extensive background verification checks becomes essentials for businesses to ensure smooth operations. AuthBridge’s onboarding products come with easy case initiation and report generation, helping your organisation scale up, saving operational costs by up to 70% and time by up to 90%.

Stay compliant with complete data security as per industry standards

In a technology advanced ecosystem, data has become easily accessible and processable. Hence, it must be handled with a responsibility to prevent financial or identity fraud. Hence, we at AuthBridge have made it our topmost priority to safeguard the confidential data of our users and clients. Our products are data security compliant and meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and global encryption standards. Our data security measures evolve and stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and mandates around background verification space.

• Identify fake vendors, dealers and discourage inventory frauds and fake warranty claims

The manufacturing sector is the backbone of any nation that generates employment opportunities and contributes heavily to the country’s GDP. Hence, the sector should be protected from any fraud or criminal activities to ensure national growth and advancement. Our verification and onboarding solutions enable quick identification and seamless onboarding of qualified and legitimate vendors, dealers, business partners associated with manufacturing space to prevent inventory frauds and fake warranty claims.

A secured manufacturing space with our authentication products

Employee Onboarding

A seamless and comfortable onboarding journey has become an important part of the entire
recruitment process to retain employees and reduce the attrition rate. Our products provide
a streamlined end-to-end customisable employee onboarding journey by leveraging OCR, face recognition, combined with deep search capabilities for fraud detection. Our AI-backed
technology helps reduce the strenuous work responsibilities of the employees by eliminating cumbersome paperwork and manual document submission processes.

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StaffAssure™ is our end-to-end background verification solution for blue-collar employees. Built on image recognition, liveness detection technologies, StaffAssure™ ensures instant identity verification with the fastest turnaround time ensuring only verified drivers, delivery partners, employees with clear background checks are hired.

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Vendor Due Diligence

AuthBridge’s AI-backed vendor due diligence capabilities facilitates complete vendor risk assessment by leveraging OCR-based text extraction and face match. In-depth and complete
screening of service providers is undertaken in real-time to authenticate the identity and reputation of potential vendors and protect you from forming professional relationships with unreliable and untrustworthy vendors.

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