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Retail industry is dependent on temporary staff that follows a ‘free entry & exit system' and rarely furnishes proper identification or qualification documents.

Source: IOSR-JBM -Volume 18, Issue 10 | October 2016


One of the top five retail markets in the world currently, India’s retail sector is also the fastest growing across the world. It is imperative that the sector stays well-monitored in order to keep up with higher employment, technological advancements and digital disruption exposing it to risks such as thefts and frauds. The retail sector can benefit from the active background verification of employees -blue-collar staff, associates or leaders and business associates and partners. Verification can also combat high employee turnover.

Our Employee Background Verification Platform: iBridge™

iBridge™ is a web platform that automates the entire process of employee background verification, making it seamless, hassle-free and insightful. A platform with built-in intelligence and a simple interface, iBridge™ delivers befitting self-service to bespoke solutions designed for a seamless candidate and client experience. Ability to offer the fastest-turn-around time and compatible APIs for HRMS and ATS make iBridge a businesses’ go-to tool for verification.
At 13.57%, India’s Retail Sector had the second highest discrepancy ratio amongst all sectors for the FY 2017-18.

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