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Ecommerce industry has the second highest discrepancy rate in background verification.

Source: AuthBridge Annual Trends Report 2018


An Ecommerce boom in India has led to the generation of employment for a diverse set of people, which in turn has exposed the sector to workforce-related challenges. Transient workforce with limited accountability, lean HR departments and possible employment of employees with dubious personal and professional background pose serious risks. Background verification of workforce and staff as well as business associates can deal with credibility issues. Our solutions can help.

Our Employee Background Verification Platform: iBridge™

iBridge™ is a web platform that automates the entire process of employee background verification, making it seamless, hassle-free and insightful. A platform with built-in intelligence and a simple interface, iBridge™ delivers befitting self-service to bespoke solutions designed for a seamless candidate and client experience. Ability to offer the fastest-turn-around time and compatible APIs for HRMS and ATS make iBridge a businesses’ go-to tool for verification.

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  • Insight-driven business intelligence platform providing in-depth information on Indian corporates.
Could you be hiring a leader with a termination record and an inflated salary record?

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