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Designing robust distribution channels forms the backbone of the FMCG industry. However, this requires building a reliable network of retail channels across countries. This is where it becomes imperative to ensure agents, partners and all the stakeholders are verified and have clear background checks. The new economy calls for evolving to artificial intelligence to automate cumbersome onboarding processes and it is a welcome call for FMCG to automate, scale up and save operational costs by up to 70%.

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AI to make onboarding contactless and catch identity thefts

Our AI-powered products automate your onboarding and verification processes for vendors, employees, agents, distributors, etc. paving the way for contactless onboarding in the FMCG world. With customisable workflows, in-depth reports, advanced analytics and exception handling, our products can solve some of the key challenges in the FMCG industry. Our image recognition and liveness detection technologies can help catch identity thefts and help build a secure world.

Instant hire at scale with the help of easily integrable verification APIs

With the FMCG sector picking pace in the post-Covid times, hiring at scale is crucial to ensure increased productivity. Using our integrable verification APIs, our AI-powered products automate identity verification and professional background checks adding speed to your business decisions while saving your operational costs and onboarding time.

Stay compliant with our in-built data privacy and security safeguards

We are committed to protecting data privacy of our clients and users. All our verification products and solutions meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and global encryption standards so when your organisation scales up, you can be sure that it is also adhering to the ever-changing compliance and regulatory industry norms.

Ensure a secure marketplace with our authentication products

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding has become a significant aspect of the hiring pipeline in the digital age. Digital onboarding and work from home are becoming acceptable office norms for businesses across the world. With our data-based, automated, and AI-backed solutions, digital onboarding has become near-instant with quick background verification, prompt document collection, streamlined
workflows, and hassle-free hiring.

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iBridge™ is our comprehensive product for end-to-end employee screening and onboarding. With customisable workflows and in-depth reports on each background check case, iBridge™ makes onboarding paperless and contactless, helping you save onboarding time by 90% and reduce operational costs by 70%. iBridge™ comes as a stand-alone web platform with customisable, end-toend workflows and can also be integrated with your existing HRMS tool using our APIs.

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StaffAssure™ is our end-to-end background verification solution for blue-collar employees. Built on image recognition, liveness detection technologies, StaffAssure™ ensures instant identity verification with the fastest turnaround time ensuring only verified drivers, delivery partners, employees with clear background checks are hired.

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TruthScreen™ provides real-time data-based authentication using artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep search algorithms to enable quicker account opening and onboarding in several industries including FMCG. TruthScreen™ leverages the largest public database along with Authbridge’s proprietary database to ensure your organisation adheres to the compliances and regulatory guidelines of your industry.

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Our authentication products have many use cases in the FMCG sector

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