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  • Employment Check


    Verify the employment history of the candidate

    Mandatory details

    Name of the candidate, Previous employment employee id, National Identity details, Signed release. Additional details may be required depending on the requirements


    include employment genuiness, tenure and designation. May include salary of the candidate, any adverse comments, eligibility for rehire and reporting manager name


    Verification of entrepreneurs and freelancers may not be possible. Typically 15% of these checks remain unverified despite its best efforts either because the previous organization has ceased to exist, merged with another entity, does not have records beyond a certain date, does not entertain verification as a policy, Reporting Manager’s number is non contactable, is not responding despite stated number of attempts or does not have a digital presence. These checks will also be considered as “Completed” and no refund will be applicable. Their and its verification partners will make a maximum of 5 attempts via e-mail or telephone to procure the required information from HR or later with the Reporting Manager. In case an external database fee is there, the client shall be charged the same. No refund will be applicable in case the client wants to retrieve the check

    TAT:7 Days

  • Education Check


    As such Myanmar does not have any data protection law and there are no immediate plans to introduce any kind of data protection laws over there. However, Myanmar is planning to implement a set of best practices or guidelines on data protection. Further, taking candidate consent and authorization prior to verification is advisable.