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Enabling safety and trust

When AuthBridge’s vision matched perfectly with a client in the homestay online marketplace
Top Challenges
  • Inhospitable hosts or hosts different than the ones advertising
  • Phony listings
  • Fake Reviews
  • Damaged goods and property

A facilitator in an online marketplace is like a bridge that connects two ends. People on any end must be able to trust in the strength of the bridge if they were to crossover into the world of the other. So, when our client -a leading player in the homestay online marketplace with 30000+ listings across India- contacted us, they were looking to build this trust with their customers.

For their business model to work, it was crucial that they gave customers assurance on two parameters – their safety and the quality of the accommodation promised to them by our client’s hosts. Additionally, our clients had adherence to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines as a top priority while dealing with the data of their customers and hosts.

Checks Offered
  • Identity Verification of hosts
  • Address Verification of hosts
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Court Record Check of hosts
  • Physical Property Visits
Our mandate with the client

Verifying the host/owner of the property

  • Whether the owner is a real person
  • Whether they have a civil or criminal case against them
  • Whether they have a valid bank account belonging to them

Verifying the property listed in the marketplace

  • Matching the property listed against the address
  • Matching the property listed against the host
  • Performing a quality check of the property
  • A one-stop, GDPR-compliant onboarding solution for onboarding hosts
  • Reduced number of complaints received as host and property discrepancies
  • Increased overall customer satisfaction
Our methodology

We tackled this two-fold problem head on by proposing an extensive pre-screening of hosts as well as the property.

Verification of hosts

To ensure that our client’s customers would rent from genuine, reliable and well-meaning hosts, we proposed a robust solution that would validate any host on the below four parameters. Our proposed solution had host and client data privacy and data security as top priorities.

Identity Check

We matched every host’s PAN or Aadhaar against their details submitted at the time of registration. Being one of the most popular players in their space, our client receives thousands of sign up requests by hosts every day. So, they needed the process to be quick and reliable while also toeing the regulatory guidelines. We deployed our identity verification APIs built on technologies like OCR to be easily integrated with the client’s system to generate instantaneous identity verification results

Address Check

Hosts’ current address was validated through physical site visits by our team to ensure that the authenticity of the address furnished by them and to ensure they were traceable, if needed

Bank Account Details

We verified hosts’ bank account details via Penny Drop method that relies on two-step authentication to check if a bank account belongs to the said host.

Court Record Checks

We engaged our proprietary databases relying on technologies like AI and ML to run extensive search against a host’s name in leading civil and criminal records across the world.

Verification of Property

Our field staff that we call team FieldKart paid physical site visits to every host property and matched it against the information supplied by the host at the time of registration. They validated if the property existed. If it did, did it exist at the location specified by the host. Did it have the number of rooms advertised or the amenities promised? Based on the information collected by our team, we intimated our client whether the property was legit or not.


When results drawn from checks performed on hosts and property were consistent with the information supplied by a host, we generated a Green report meaning our client could sign up the host without any worries. A Red report flagged any objectionable information discovered about a host, meaning a host was a no-go from as per our investigation and our client would be best advised not to onboard them. If the results varied, were inconclusive or confusing, we would generate an Orange report, meaning further investigation into the profile of the host would be needed. We also aided our clients in carrying out the additional verification as per their request in a few Orange cases. This included verification of social IDs amongst other measures.

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