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Could your potential investee be a regulatory defaulter?

The Case

A leading venture capital firm in India availed AuthBridge’s Investment Risk Due Diligence solution to conduct due diligence on their prospective investee company. The objective behind conducting due diligence was to check for any record of criminal activity, corporate fraud and negative media coverage or non-compliance of any form.

The Procedure

AuthBridge conducted Investment Risk Due Diligence, which is designed to help clients in analysing prospective investment opportunity thoroughly for effective risk mitigation. Since the client’s objective was to check for existence of criminal, non-compliant and other negative records, our process involved an extensive Web and Media Check.

How AuthBridge helped the business

Our investigation highlighted a red flag. One of the database checks revealed that the prospective investee company figured in the regulator’s debarred list of companies.
Revelations like these are known to have a telling impact on companies’ investment decisions. AuthBridge advised the client not only to keep conducting Investment Due Diligence in future but to also invest in a periodic investment screening solution– Post-Investment Risk Watch- so that the investments stay screened throughout their lifetime.

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