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The brutal murder of the 25-year old, Mumbai-based lawyer, Pallavi Purkayastha in 2014.

The Case

June 30, 2014: Almost two years after the much talked about murder of 25-year-old Pallavi Purkayastha, a Mumbai based lawyer, security guard of the building Sajjad Ahmed Mughal has finally been convicted. Watchman Sajjad Ahmed Mughal alias Sajjad Pathan slashed her throat to death after a failed rape attempt. He entered Pallavi's flat with the keys he stole while accompanying an electrician to her flat to solve the outage deliberately caused by the guard.

What Went Wrong in Pallavi’s Case

During the investigation, police found that the guard furnished incorrect and incomplete information to his employer -security agency Ahmed Hamid Enterprises -including a different name and a wrong address. His details were apparently not verified by the agency.

Sadly, for Pallavi and her family, non-verification of the credentials resulted in one of the extreme impacts of wrong hiring. Had the hiring agency been aware about the fabrication of information by the individual, there would have been high chances of him not getting hired in the first place. Registering the individual’s details with police and checking the authenticity of stated facts are two ways of being aware.

The Right Way to Hire and Verify

Registration of details with police is one step that’s highly recommended to the households. However, thorough check into the details provided by a prospective domestic help, driver or security guard needs to be checked for authenticity, coupled with a run through databases.

Background Check Agencies involved in background verification of security guards suggest checking the address, running a criminal record verification, as well as speaking with the references. Address check requires physical visit to the sites while presence of any criminal record in the person's name can be dug out with criminal record verification. Reference check helps to bring out the overall conduct at work and some prominent personality traits as well.

Red flags or discrepancies mentioned in the verification report makes the decision taker cognizant of pertinent facts about the individual before taking the final call, thus, reducing the chances of hiring someone like Sajjad Pathan exponentially.

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