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Choose the best KYC process per your requirements and stay compliant with regulatory guidelines.


Video KYC (VKYC & V-CIP)

Verify the identity of customers remotely through live video interaction. It enables banks and other financial institutions to comply with SEBI/RBI KYC regulations while offering a convenient, contactless onboarding experience.

Digital KYC (DKYC)

Reduce operational cost, accelerate onboarding processes, improve data accuracy and stay compliant with regulatory requirements by verifying identity, address and documents digitally.

Electronic KYC (eKYC)

Eliminate the need for physical verification and reduce verification drop-offs while significantly reducing processing time to onboard customers in real time.

Central KYC (CKYC)

Access and verify KYC data from the centralized CERSAI repository and remove redundancy from your kyc processes while minimizing the need for customers to provide KYC documents multiple times.
KYC Solution

Top APIs Used for KYC/KYB by Industry

AuthBridge KYC/KYB Solutions Aid Your Verification Processes

Leverage a wide range of verification modules curated to fit right into your verification


Identity Verification

Comprehensive identity verification solutions to collect & verify the identity information of an individual or a business ensuring they are who they claim to be.

Document Verification

Technology-backed innovative solution to authenticate the validity of the documents. This may include checking for security features, analyzing document structure, or using machine-readable zones.

Digital Address Verification

Make your onboarding completely digital with the help of DAV Journeys. Capture geo coordinates in real-time, along with the identity of the person of interest.

Watchlist Screening

Perform screening against national & international sanction lists, PEP lists and other relevant databases to identify individuals or entities involved in money laundering, terrorist financing, or other illicit activities.

Risk Assessment

Evaluate the potential risk associated with a customer or business partner with a comprehensive assessment of factors such as the customer’s background, source of funds, nature of business, and geographical location.

Compliance Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports and audit trails to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements for internal reporting or to meet national or global regulatory compliance.

Digital Platform to Manage Your KYC Processes

Innovation at the core to solve your onboarding & verification challenges even before they occur.


Verification Journeys

With configurable screening workflows and pre-built templates, you customise your verification journeys as per your need without making an unnecessary check.

Verification Reports

Create and schedule verification status and operational reports from 20+ pre-built templates or slice and dice into data with custom reports to achieve operational efficiencies.

Bulk Actions

Upload the list of candidates, select the verification checks you want to conduct and get started at once. Nudge your prospects to complete their journey with multi-channel reminders & notifications

Improved Visibility

Realtime dashboards bring in the much-needed transparency in the process for both parties to keep tabs on progress, and follow up with ease.

Intuitive UI

Modern UI with self-help modules makes the candidate experience seamless and reduces drop-offs because of lengthy and redundant processes.

Digital Checks

Reduce the turnaround time significantly by verifying the candidate’s information on the go with real-time NID, and Digital Address verification.

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