Automate GST Verification with Plug & Play API's

Onboard business partners while verifying legitimacy of their GST details/ returns to ensure authenticity of the account holders.

  • Catch fraudulent entries
  • Validate correct GST credentials
  • Scale bulk GST Verifications

Empowering Onboarding & Verification Journeys for 2000+ Enterprises


Types of GST Verification APIs and how do they work?

Choose from different types of modes as per your business requirements

Why AuthBridge’s GST Verification ?

Building an additional layer of security for GST fraud prevention

GSTIN Active Status

Enter the provided GSTIN number and verify if the provided account is active and valid.

GST Filing Details

Verify GST numbers, Status, Taxpayer types, and state bifurcation. Provides all the locations of operations (main and support).

Credibility Analysis

Dig deeper with details like mode of filing and return type bifurcation for further analysis.

Plug & Play

Digitize and scale your operations with easy to activate, simple to use data exchange mechanisms via our plug and play APIs.

Get AuthBridge’s GST Verification API For

GST Compliance

Government agencies, such as tax authorities, can use the API to verify the GST registration and compliance of businesses to ensure that they are paying the correct amount of GST and are in compliance with GST regulations.

License and Permits

Individuals and businesses may need to provide GST verification as part of the process of obtaining certain licenses or permits. This API can facilitate this process by providing real-time verification.

Procurement Processes

Businesses can use the API to verify the GST registration and compliance of their suppliers, contractors, and service providers as part of their procurement process.

BFSI Lending

Banks and financial institutions may use the API as part of their due diligence process when lending to or investing in businesses.

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