Is your industry looking at ‘education’ credentials before hiring?

In an ever-evolving global business landscape, hiring is no longer limited to geographical boundaries. As businesses expand beyond boundaries, the demand for skilled labour is rising. Incoming talent is crucial for growth and business success. This makes it essential for organisations to hire the right talent with the desired skills and knowledge. This is particularly important in some industries where skilled manpower is crucial for day-day operations.

Below are the top 3 industries where ensuring the right education background is a crucial need:

Healthcare: The healthcare sector has been struggling to find more and more skilled health care professionals to fill positions across hospitals, health care facilities, home care etc. The profile of doctors, nurses, specialists and such healthcare professionals is not only technical but requires the right pedigree to be able to handle different scenarios at hand. The aim is to improve the quality of care because a slight miss could cost many lives along with the company reputation.

For the cases analysed by AuthBridge in FY 2016 in the pharma/biotech and clinical research industry, candidates submitting degrees from fake/unrecognised universities was the major reason of discrepancies in education verification.

Technology: Businesses in the domain of technology are rising to power very quickly. However, it’s the people in these organisations who are responsible for growth across this field.  As companies grow, they are becoming worried about being able to find enough technology-savvy workers. Ensuring the right pedigree and training is crucial to technology-based business models.

Financial Services:-The financial services industry operates on Trust. Over the next few years, a whopping number of jobs are to be created in the financial services sector. This puts pressure on the industry to attract quality talent with the right skills, capable of taking responsibility and handling sensitive customer information.

In FY 2016, this industry saw 2.13% discrepancy in education verification (Source: AuthBridge Annual Trend Report 2016).

This again reinforces the need for screening education background of all potential hires. With positive growth outlook across the globe, organisations should opt for comprehensive education verification of potential hires as well as existing employees to ensure the right skills and create the secure and conducive workplace.