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Top 7 Ways in Which Employee Screening Services Mitigate Employer Risk

Employee screening services are more necessary than ever in the fast-paced economy of today, where interactions are increasingly digital and the need to establish trust quickly is stronger. Organisations are hiring by the load, and at the same time, the number of frauds– applicants giving false information about themselves on their resume– are on the rise. This only means that more extensive and accurate background verification processes are a must.

According to AuthBridge case files, as much as 15.21 percent of job candidates misrepresented information about themselves to their employers in the year 2017. The number is even more staggering considering that it was a 50 percent rise from 2016.

Moreover, a bad hire could cost your company lakhs of rupees, as much as five times the annual salary of the employee. So, on that note, let us look at the top 7 ways in which background verification can mitigate the risks you could face as an employer:

1.Through identity verification, you can be sure that applicants are who they claim to be One of the most important aspects of an employee screening process is identity verification, through which you can verify that all applicants are exactly who they say they are. This way, you can ensure that no frauds are hired, who may tarnish your organisation in the future.

2.Through employment verification, you can be sure applicants have the required skill and experience An extensive background verification includes employment check, which verifies the applicant’s history of employment, career map, any gap year and more. This lets you know for certain that the candidate has all the required skills and experience for the job position he or she is applying for. Considering that almost 50 percent of employers find applicants lying about their skills, this is an important aspect to pay special attention to.

3.Through criminal check, you can be sure applicants are not a threat to your business Running a thorough criminal check is crucial to your employee screening process. It will help you to be confident that you hire only applicants who have no criminal record, with no intention to cause harm to your current employees or the organisation itself. This ensures safety and security within the workplace.

4.Through reference check, you can be sure applicants have the right attitude As an employer, it is your responsibility to create and maintain a conducive, positive and encouraging work environment that inspires creativity, productivity and efficiency. You can achieve this through a thorough reference check to make sure applicants have the desired mindset and attitude that you find suitable for your organisation.

5.Through education verification, you can be sure applicants have the required educational background Every background verification process should include an in-depth education check. There have been many instances where candidates lied about their educational backgrounds to get the job they wanted; if you fall prey to such practices, your entire business will suffer at the incapable hands of such employees.

6.Through drug abuse test, you can ensure a drug-free workplace A healthy, safe, positive and professional environment is a necessity for every organisation. By including a drug abuse test in your employee screening services, you can ensure that employees are not under the influence of any drugs that could negatively impact their productivity and efficiency.

7.Through address check, you can easily access candidates in case of emergency By integrating an address check in your background verification process, you can easily reach out to and access candidates in case of any emergencies. This can be done through water bill verification, electricity bill verification and so on.

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In all, employee screening services are risk-mitigation best practices to help you build trust with your candidates.