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Need for instantaneity of background checks on a rise!

The number of companies looking for ground level hires is on an upswing. As per an Economic Times article, Ericsson is likely to hire around 1000 employees to start its new manufacturing plant in Pune. With hiring on such a massive scale, there’s a greater need for fast, exhaustive background verification. More investment in manpower is likely to take place with global expansion of companies.

Company will continue with its investment in terms of manpower and hiring companies will vie to hire only reliable employees. Background verification might not help to verify first-time offenders but they definitely act as a deterrent. Background checks and employee verification methods may not be a solution for preventing crimes against female employees. We cannot know what goes on in a person’s mind.

Even with first-time offenders. It is impossible for the police to have a policeman in every house. However, he said it was the responsibility of companies to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their employees, since the police could not be present anywhere. Companies are aggressively hiring to fill positions to meet operational requirements. Identity verification is one of the solutions to tackle large scale hiring of frontline employees.

One needs to ensure that the individual whose background you are screening is actually the right person. If you are not checking the person’s identity first there are chances that you might be checking the records for the wrong person and the basic premise of background verification gets abraded. City Police Commissioner N.S. Megharik asserted “Recruiters can consider their Aadhaar card, which is fool proof, for example. We can check if there is a criminal record”.

Background screening by the hiring company can protect the company and its reputation against theft and workplace misconduct. A careful verification can extend peace of mind to companies and customers. Traditional background-checks were not designed for that kind of job positions. So predictably, a cadre of new offshoots have popped up to create the trust and safety systems for the customers. So, while a manufacturing unit creates opportunities they do present a challenge in safety and security terms.