Identity Verification: Stepping Stone to Organisation Safety

The need for identity verification has never been more felt as in recent times. Crimes where employees themselves have committed fraud or thefts at workplace have also made headlines. Recently at Ryan International School in Delhi, it was alleged that a school bus conductor killed a boy who was just seven years old.

The role of ID check in the emerging markets

Another shocking incident was reported in which a five year old boy was raped allegedly by the peon. In Bangalore, there were allegations against a gym instructor that he raped one of the girl students in a school. As per AuthBridge’s annual background verification report ‘Background screening in India- Insights & Trends- 2014’, there was a 20.11% discrepancy rates in identity checks between 2014 and 2016. In other words, 1 among 5 applicants to a job had provided false identity proofs in 3 years. While these are horrifying and shameful acts, it brings to light the urgent need for identity checks in the emerging markets. Employing people with unknown backgrounds either due to the pressure of hiring quick or for avoiding costs involved with identity verification is well-known to backfire in many ways.

Role of automation to take care of organisational goals

With the rapid growth in digital interactions, conducting identity verification of all stakeholders in a business including partners, suppliers, vendors at different points is critical. These points include daily attendance, onboarding of new staff, visitor management systems, contracting of a vendor and so on. This ensures safety of workplace and risk mitigation in terms of damage to reputation, lost productivity, all of which impact the bottom lines negatively.

Fastest identity verification services using tech-enabled platforms

The traditional system of identity verification took a long time while not yielding accurate results. Automation using advanced APIs and online databases have enabled Aadhaar-based eKYC and authentication, PAN, Voter ID, driving license and passport checks. They ensure that the identity verification is accurate and quick. AuthBridge uses advanced platforms that can conduct identity verification in real-time and accurately. The API integration with the company’s systems helps ensure reports of identity verification are delivered in an easy way. By partnering with the income tax department and the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), AuthBridge has made instant identity verification of vendors, suppliers and employees reliable and accurate. Instant identity verification makes it possible to quickly establish and verify a person’s identity using a valid national identity document.

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Key checks covered under ID checks

The technology-enabled solutions at AuthBridge is geared up to carry out the following checks under identity verification.

  • Aadhaar authentication
  • Aadhaar-based eKYC
  • PAN verification
  • Driving License verification
  • Voter ID verification
  • Passport Verification

The importance of ID verification in securing organisational safety

Cases have been found where twins have fooled employers with fake identities. Even senior level hires have produced forged identities to bluff verification system. Senior level employees handle sensitive information and are responsible, at times, for high-value transactions in the organisation. Identity verification is the stepping stone for ensuring that the safety of the organisation is not compromised and that the person to be verified is genuine basis the documents provided. Before giving employees access to sensitive documents or information and certain levels of privileges, it is critical that identity screening be done. Intellectual property and data theft, violence, workplace misconduct and rape are some of the horrifying crimes that are a result of bad hires. A fast-growing economy and rise in shared economy business models also mean that there is an increased need for fast and accurate technology-enabled identity verification.