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Evolving Technology in Database Background Checks

Rapid digitisation in India

The umbrella technology initiative of “Digital India” has led to the rapid deployment of tech-enabled platforms across various sectors. Healthcare, employment, commerce, labour and education are some of these areas that are being transformed with digitisation. Broadband highways, high-speed networks and Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity are some key focus areas. Digital India initiatives encompass provisions for a digital infrastructure including Digi Locker which is a cloud platform for storing document, e-hospital and e-sign framework among others. With more than 500 million people who use the Internet in India, digitisation is truly the way forward.

Emphasis on the digitisation of records

With the rapid digitisation has come the advent of online repositories and have facilitated database background checks. One such repository is the Digi Lock initiative that enables the storage of crucial documents such as the Pan card, driving license, voter ID, education certificates and so on, on the cloud platform.

The Digital Locker provides secure access to documents issued by the Government, using identity verification. While various government agencies can share these documents through the online portal, the need for physical transportation is eliminated.

IndiaStack comprises of APIs that enables businesses, governments, developers and startups to make use of the digital Infrastructure. It is a progressive initiative aimed at the delivery of paperless, presence-less and cashless services. The presence-less layer involving biometric-enabled digital identity makes it possible to utilise services across the country, while paperless layer involves the movement of records or documents without the need for physical storage or collection. The cashless layer of IndiaStack deals with a single interface for payments. Also on the anvil are skills registry under the Human Resource Development Ministry which will have a database of various professionals.

Online repositories in India

Other online repositories that facilitate database background checks include:

· The Judgement Information System which provides online access to High Court and Supreme Court and is conducive to database background checks for judgements, cases, orders and criminal records.

· National Digital Library which is an online repository of sixty categories of learning materials

· Various institutional repositories that have open access

A digital repository enables companies or individuals to preserve data and manage it efficiently to derive optimal value. Open access to many repositories are empowering organisations to build services on top of this database while ensuring data security. Technological advancements in tech-driven API integrated platforms and Artificial Intelligence have removed the hassles of storing, sharing, retrieving and preserving data while ensuring the accuracy of database background checks.

TrustOnDemand™ provides accurate solutions for database background checks

With online repositories and data security, background verification has also been made easier. Professional Database Background Checks provider AuthBridge has brought in TrustOnDemand™ that uses APIs to read databases to ensure ‘Verification Services on the Fly”. TrustOnDemand™ leverages the online repositories available that include criminal records database, police verification records, litigation database, education and employment-related information. A wide range of database background checks including address verification, education verification, reference checks, criminal records check and National sex offender registry search can be carried out thanks to the online repositories.

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TrustOnDemand™ enables instant and accurate identity verification which is important for pre-employment, partner and vendor due diligence and so on.

TrustOnDemand™ makes it possible for businesses and start-ups to thrive in the digitised world while making the right kind of decisions in choosing partners, vendors or employees. With the accuracy and speed that TrustOnDemand™ brings, optimisation of time and resources while conducting database background checks is a given for businesses and employers.