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Drug Abuse Effects on the Hiring Company

The United Nations Drug Report in 2011 states India as the biggest consumer of heroin. Cocaine is another favorite amongst individuals in the age group of 25-34 years. In India, about 3 million people are dependent on drugs which is 0.3% of the population. In Punjab alone, the numbers are startling—nearly 75% of its youth are severely addicted to drugs, that’s 3 out of every 4 children. These alarming statistics are well indicative of how the state is gradually getting poisoned with the excessive use of drugs.

When hiring takes place from regions of Punjab or other adjoining places, there is a high risk of having on-boarded a candidate with drug habits. To control such a practice, drug test could be beneficial. As a part of the hiring policy, drug test helps to promote a clean and drug free workplace.

Drug test packed with background verification is critical at all levels in the organization.

It depends on the type of organization and criticality of function under scrutiny. It has become critical to conduct substance abuse test to know the candidates hired do not indulge in any improper or unethical practices, affecting company’s business and brand name.

Hiring an addict for your organization can have below repercussions: 1. Negative impact on the performance and efficiency of the employees 2. Low morale and safety of co-workers 3. Serious threat to the company reputation

Anyone can indulge in malpractices, but the probability with addicts’ goes up. Greater integrity and control is needed for high risk zones, critical functions, dealing in company sensitive information.

the need for money.

Here’s a quick look at few of the industries that could be severely affected with drug users:

On demand companies-The sharp rise in on demand companies need a hiring sprout at the frontline level like house keepers, delivery executives, security guards etc. They need to be verified exhaustively to avoid any future contingencies, as they have direct public interface and link to conduct of business. Manufacturing companies- They require employees to stay alert and thereby, are prone to higher safety risks of the individual and company. Industries like aviation, railways- These companies have high stakes involved, dealing primarily with transit of passengers. Drug testing is a good idea at places where safety of passengers is of prime importance.Also, employees in departments like IT, finance, and strategy are exposed to tremendously sensitive company information, which can be easily misappropriated to satisfy the need for money.

Among others are the pharmacists, drug and chemical dealers who are needed to be screened thoroughly as well. It is well proven by now that effects of drug abuse can put a company through a transgressing phase A generous mix of alcohol and drugs could be terribly damaging to the addicts and their productivity. Drug testing is one of the suitable ways to find out details and take well-informed hiring decisions.Sometimes, the candidate while working in the company cultivates a drug habit. When a doubt arises out of his conduct or behavioural pattern, regular monitoring could be beneficial to dampen the effects of drug consumption. A service called AuthXtend by AuthBridge, periodically screens candidates displaying peculiarities, so that they can be weeded out on time. Safeguard your organization against people with drug habits before the wheels fall off!