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Bridging the gap between Trust and Talent

15.21% candidates misrepresented info. to their employers in FY 2017 to bag lucrative jobs! (Ref: Annual Trend Report 2017 by AuthBridge)

Trust is the essence of all human relationships!

Organizations hire Talent to ensure business success. However, they need to take a brutally honest view of the talent they hire- Are they trustworthy? Is the candidate safe for their peers? Does the candidate have the right skills? Is the candidate likely to impact brand reputation & company’s financials? Hiring managers review resumes and conduct interviews to build trust in a candidate. Some organizations also conduct background verification to ensure that the details provided by the candidate is correct.

However, not many have a structured background verification program. 15.21% candidates misrepresented info. to their employers in FY 2017 to bag lucrative jobs! Candidates manipulated past employment records the most. References, Addresses and education records were other areas where candidates were found to lie on their Resume!

How can HR and hiring managers trust candidates?

Limited face time during interviews cannot ensure the right skills. Moreover, there’s hardly any hints of a person’s reputation! References provided are often biased/ manipulated. How can you ensure that the candidate has no criminal background? Background Verification is the key! Traditionally, Background checks have taken a lot of time, leading to loss of good candidates. To bridge the gap between Talent and Trust, organizations need to adopt structured background screening program! Not just this, but they need to build Trust on the Fly.

 This is where TrustOnDemand is changing the dynamics of the game.

Imagine you have an employee walking into your office for the first meeting.  By the time he walks from the reception to your table, what if you could have background checked him? Background verification processes should be fool proof, safe and reliable to provide a pleasant experience to your candidates.This is called TrustOnDemand- for instant peace of mind & bridging the gap between talent and trust.

Instant ID verification and services like eKYC are helping people build trust and safety at the blink of an eye. Companies like AuthBridge have built state-of-art proprietary databases to service instant verification of employment and education records! New age products leverage latest technology like Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Distributed databases, Natural Language Processing, Search engines, mobility and more to bring in more trust for the prospective candidates and employers too.

Criminal Records can be checked quickly to ensure a safe candidate! With only 6% of verification demand being serviced today, technology and automation in background screening is set to transform the space of building Trust! Bridging the gap between Trust and Talent calls for using new age products and structured approach to Background Verification. To know more, schedule an appointment with our expert today.

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