Background Verification Companies In India – The Changing Paradigm

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Did you know that a whopping number of candidates lie on their resume in the hopes of getting the job they want? It’s true. A study conducted by CareerBuilder found that out of 2,500 managers in charge of hiring, as much as 56 percent admitted that they have caught applicants providing false information on their resume.

`Data from AuthBridge concluded that 1 in every 6 candidates lied on their resume in 2017 to bag a lucrative job!

It is exactly for this reason that employee screening services are increasingly in demand. Background verification companies in India are dealing with a lot of businesses that want to make sure that their potential employees are exactly who they claim to be, and they are not a threat to the safety and security of other employees and even the company itself. Today, background screening for employees is no longer seen as an unnecessary expense, but rather a necessary step that can ensure a company’s stability. Read on to find out how the perception of background verification has undergone a positive change, and how background verification companies in India are contributing, as well as responding to this welcome change in the landscape.

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