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5 Tips to Hire Better Leaders with AuthLead™

There are so many businesses– both start-ups as well as established companies– that have failed due to bad leadership. After all, leaders are the face of the company for clients, shareholders and the media. They also have access to sensitive data, they are in charge of decisions that could make or break the company and so on. Therefore, before hiring for top management positions, leadership due diligence is a must. It is absolutely necessary that any organisation has a capable leadership in order to grow and sustain that growth. At AuthBridge, we understand the critical role of leaders in an organisation. That is why we make sure that each and every one of our clients has a thorough leadership screening procedure in their hiring process. By making sure you hire the right people for executive positions, you can be confident that your organisation is moving in the right direction.

Leadership Due Diligence is CRITICAL

When it comes to top management verification, you need to verify all aspects of the candidate thoroughly without compromise. The candidate’s education and employment experience, while being important, are not the only two factors to consider in your leadership screening process. Your organisation, in your leadership due diligence, should include three critical aspects –

  • Character
  • Credentials
  • Competence

By ensuring that all these are verified exhaustively, you can be sure your organisation is hiring the right people for leadership positions. Below, we explain to you just how you can thoroughly verify any candidate’s Character, Credentials and Competence:

Tip#1- Leadership due diligence must check for Career progression/history

Any organisation, before hiring for top leadership positions, must check the candidate’s career history. Make sure you are aware of every career trajectory, employment gaps, reasons for the exit, growth chart and so on. This will give you a good idea of their credentials, competence, as well as character.

Tip #2- Leadership due diligence must include verifying Professional references

When conducting top management checks, make sure you verify the professional references that the candidates provide. But more than verifying the provided references, which in most cases are biased, ensure that you conduct primary research and source references on your own. This will help you to validate their credentials first-hand and verify their attitude and reputation in the industry and ensure that no biased preferences are submitted.

Tip #3- Leadership due diligence must include Competency mapping

Before making your hiring decision for any leadership position in your organisation, remember to thoroughly evaluate the behaviour and traits of every candidate like work management skill, interpersonal skill, team handling, work ethics, the scope for personal development and growth, relationship management and more. Leadership screening processes should evaluate the competency of candidates in all aspects, not just professionally.

Tip#4- Leadership due diligence must check Criminal Records Check & Credit history Check

As mentioned before, leaders of organisations have access to sensitive company data including access to finances and financial records. To make sure that they do not misuse such privileges, your organisation must conduct a thorough leadership due diligence, where you check all candidates’ criminal history and credit history. Check for any history of credit defaults and financial frauds that could otherwise implicate that they are fiscally, and sometimes even ethically, irresponsible.

Tip #5- Leadership due diligence must include database research for Media coverage and so on

Those in leadership positions are the face and presenters of the company to the general public, media, clients, as well as shareholders. Therefore, it is critical that they have a clean background, free from any bad reputation and negative media coverage, as this will not only affect your organisation’s brand reputation but puts the very safety and security of the entire organisation at risk. So, in order to protect brand reputation and ensure team motivation, always check thoroughly for media coverage.

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