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Key Checks

Aadhar Verification

We provide a platform to automate Aadhaar based authentication to validate individual's identity and demographic details.

Address Verification

Verification of the address provided by the candidate through physical visit at the address by ARS staff or third-party service provider.

  • Current Address Verification- Where the individual is currently residing. (Preferably, the individual should have stayed for minimum of last 6 months and should have at least one valid address proof at that address)
  • Permanent Address Verification- Where the candidate has either resided since birth or it is the address of a self-owned property [or owned by parents, in-laws, spouse]. It could also be the address where parents / grandparents reside currently and have resided for at least last 8-10 years
  • Previous Address Verification- All addresses where the candidate has resided apart from the current & permanent addresses
Education Verification

Written and/or verbal verification of documentary evidence of candidates’ educational and/or professional qualifications through educational/professional institution’s offices or AuthBridge’s proprietary databases along with verification of the existence and recognition status of the institute.

Employment Verification

Verification of the employment records of a candidate with the HR of the employer organization or the candidate’s Reporting Manager as well as validation of the existence of the company where the candidate claims to have worked. The check also covers any negative findings for the company obtained by ARS or shared by authorities/media.

  • Current Employment - A case where the candidate is ‘still active’ at time of case initiation. This check awaits either a formal ‘Go-Ahead’ from the Client basis a date given by the candidate, post which this check can be initiated by ARS
  • Previous Employment – A case verification of the previous employment of a candidate is required. This must be different from the current employment at the time of the initiation of the check
Professional Reference

Verification of a candidate's professional competence, performance and conduct with professional references provided by them.

Personal Reference

Verification of the characteristic traits and personal behavior of an individual from acquaintance who is a person of repute. This person could be:

  • A gazetted officer or a person employed with a reputed organization/institution
  • Technically qualified professionals, associated with an established organization or running an independent set-up
  • A senior employee of an organization - Senior Manager and above
  • A Professor/Principal, Head of Department of a School/College/Institution associated with a recognized/accredited educational institution

This referee cannot be:

  • Blood relative - parents, grandparents, siblings or first cousins
  • A spouse
  • Employed in the same organization where the candidate is applying
  • Unemployed’ or ‘self-employed’ (a technically unqualified referee)
Form 16 Verification

Verification of employment association of the candidate with the employer by validating TDS deducted by the employer for a financial assessment year.

India – Court Record Database Check

Confirmation of the existence/non-existence of a candidate’s litigation record(s) -criminal and/or civil - by searching court, tribunals and commissions databases in India via electronically shared data in public domain by a source or an authority.

India - Comprehensive Criminal Record Database Check

Verification of the existence/non-existence of any criminal case or record in the name of the candidate by searching in criminal litigation records in India, in Tribunals as well as criminal watch-lists released by law enforcement bodies such as State Police, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Interpol, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, FIR and National Investigation Agency (NIA) via electronically shared data in public domain.

India - Crime Watch-list Database Check

Verification of the existence/non-existence of a candidate's name in various criminal watch-lists released by law enforcement bodies such as State Police, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Interpol, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau and National Investigation Agency (NIA) in public domain.

India Advanced Web & Media Searches

A negative media check including online searches on internet and media to find out any negative media article about an employee which could adversely affect their hiring.

India - Reputational Risk Database Check

Verification of the existence/non-existence of a candidate's or entity's name in publicly available negative records of various Indian regulatory authorities, such as like SEBI, RBI, MCA, BSE, RBI, NSE, National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited, Delhi Stock Exchange- Suspended Companies, Inter-connected Stock Exchange of India Limited (ISE) etc. This check also includes adverse media findings as well as searching Indian Politically Exposed Person (PEP) via publicly available data. PEP covers high net-worth individuals or those elected or appointed with prominent public functions or an immediate relative or close associate of the primary PEP.

Global Regulatory, Compliance and Debarment Database Verification

Establishing if the individual/entity has been convicted, charged or directly associated with some form of major financial crime or poses heightened risk. Searches are conducted through broad range of databases comprising of sanction lists, anti-money laundering data, counter-terrorist financing legislation, list of debarred parties on a global level released by regulatory and law enforcement agencies/other bodies, adverse media findings and Political Exposed Persons (PEP).

India-Police Record Verification

Verification of existence/non-existence of any police complaint or FIR in the name of the candidate in police records of the respective Police station for the provided address or at the jurisdiction of the provided address through an Advocate/Associate of a Law Firm.

India-Credit History Check

Verification the candidate's credit score and summary based on criteria including but not limited to repayment history of previous and/or existing loans, credit cards, and enquiries performed by banks and financial institutions on his/her loan application.

Company Credit Score Check

Verification of the credit history of a company through a credit bureau.

India-National Identity Check

Verification of the identity of the candidate based on the Government issued ID proof such as, Voter’s ID, Passport and Driving License.

Directorship Check

Verifying if the candidate is/ was a director of any other company.

Bank Statement Verification

Verification of the authenticity of the furnished bank statement (from latest three months before) and to confirm that it belongs to the concerned individual by comparing details such as account holder's name, account number, account status and specific transaction against the official bank records. A customer consent-based statement verification can also be conducting through Net-Banking to authenticate his/her bank statement and verify the salary credited in the last three months.

Social Media Check

Researching a candidate's overall social behavior through reviewing posts on various social media platforms (visibility based on privacy settings) such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or those posted by someone on their profile specifically about their conduct.

Pre-Employment Health Checkup

Identifying existing medical conditions and ascertaining health status of the candidate before joining the organization.

Food and Drug Administration Database Verification

Looking into debarment lists, wanted lists and active criminal investigations for alleged violations of the "Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act" by introduction of misbranded product into interstate commerce.


Verification of the candidate’s involvement in any medical-related crime. GSA administers SAM, which contains debarment actions taken by various Federal agencies, including exclusion actions taken by OIG.

OIG Check

Verifying individuals and entities excluded from federally funded health care programs and Medicare and State health care programs.