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We recognize that Leadership teams play a very important role in every organization’s success. An error in hiring at that level can expose an organization to grave risk.

With this in mind,




™ , a highly intense

executive screening


advanced background check solution for top management

in your organization. People hired at CXO levels or the people heading Businesses or are positioned in other critical roles need to be screened with far greater thoroughness. AuthLead™ therefore goes beyond the regular

background check

process and ensures that the senior and

top executive hiring

is clean and compliant to various global AML and other regulatory standards like FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Prevention of Money Laundering Act etc.

There are many

corporate fraud

cases and examples
from real world to show that an ‘inadvertent’ error in hiring at the leadership level can impact the company image, branding and stock position irreversibly. Not long ago, Yahoo Inc. and earlier Radio Shack faced the flak and ignominy for being lax on conducting

executive background check

at senior levels. The spend on the

pre-hire screening

is justified when measured against the expense incurred in damage control if the hire is proven or found to have embellished the resume.  

Hidden facts (intentional or otherwise) about an individual in the team can seriously mar the ability of the Leadership teams to work, travel and collaborate freely in a global environment. AuthBridge offers AuthLead™ at various customized levels to suit your specific needs. AuthBridge consultants work with you to understand your specific requirements, post which a screening program is created, customized for each position or even candidate.


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“AuthBridge is doing a great job identifying discrepancies. In the past few months of our association, the team has helped identify those who have submitted fake work, experience(s), false education qualification claims and most importantly helped bring to light some unethical practices that were clandestinely being carried out by one of the vendors.”
India’s one of the top BPO provider

“Thank you so much. You make our lives easier!!”
A leading BPO
“I would like to personally thank you and each of your team member for the successful completion of the global check.”
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“Appreciate your effort. This has been really a significant TAT of delivering! Keep the good works going and looking ahead for the same TAT as well!”
A Fortune 500 company
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