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Investment Risk Due Diligence is conducted on promoters or their organizations as a part of an investment decision-making process. With the growing instances of frauds and the increasing regulatory watch on investments, this ensures that investees are entities of repute and can safely operate and grow in an increasingly global business environment. The process complies with various global regulations on Anti-Money laundering like the US FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Indian Prevention of Money Laundering Act etc.

Investment Risk Due Diligence as conducted by AuthBridge can provide neutral and deeper insight into the business and the operational & compliance risks of your investment. The reputation of your organisation can be tied to the risks of your investment. "Second set of eyes" reviewing information that impacts your investment decisions can help you determine your future decisions.

For international SMEs coming to trade with Indian companies examining the business license, checking creditworthiness and filed accounts reveal much about the level of transactional risk associated with the target business. More detailed checks when entering into partnerships or joint ventures are key to ascertaining exactly who you are dealing with. This means examining not just the company, but the directors and shareholders if need be, and their own creditworthiness and third party business and political connections.

Foreign investor also needs to ascertain the company they are investing is the correct legal entity. In its service of Investment Risk Due Diligence, AuthBridge ensure all these are investigated.


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