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Frank M. Stanley, 39, has plead guilty to defrauding computer giant Hewlett-Packard out of $288,000. Stanley, who is a former technical support employee for HP who worked primarily from his home, was sentenced in connection with stealing computer parts and then reselling them to make a profit.
-Boston Business Journal

Questions raised

Is background screening of a candidate's competency a sufficient pre-requisite to hiring? Can a well-etched screening policy highlight red flags on a candidate's past as that of Stanley's?

Analysis & Recommendations

One employee leading to a massive loss for a computer giant.

The plausible risks attached to hiring employees become graver when they are employed sans the background check. Background verification, if limited to reference check and validation of education qualifications and previous employment, may make the company miss few crucial facts about the candidate's past. This can lead to a hiring decision as wrong as employing a Stanley.

Including checks like criminal record verification, negative database check, credit check and/or court check within the employee screening policy enhances the effectiveness of employee risk mitigation. Including as many relevant checks as possible within the background verification policy, keeping the job role's sensitivity in mind, is one of the ideal screening practices a company should undertake. Working towards making an informed hiring decision is bound to prove beneficial for the company.


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