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The Situation

Our client had selected Mr Arun, a job candidate, for a post in their company. Among other documents he had provided a reference from his previous employer – an IT company. From their initial checks our client found the details in the reference letter to be sketchy and incomplete.

The client then asked AuthBridge to make a closer, detailed check to verify the existence of the company.

On the Trail

The AuthBridge team began its investigations.

The website of the company was examined. It was found that the site did not work and a search of the Internet did not produce any results of the company. There was not even an Internet ‘suspect’ alert for the business.

In the meantime the AuthBridge researchers were checking and calling the phone numbers given on the testimonial. None of them worked. In fact the numbers did not even exist.

Now that the online and telephonic attempts had reached a dead end, the field team swung into action and into the field. A visit to the address given in the reference letter exposed the fact that it was not operating there. Instead there was another company that occupied the premises. After asking around the team could find no trace of the company in question. They could not even confirm if it had operated there earlier.

The AuthBridge team then questioned Mr Arun and got him to give the names and contact details of several ex-employees. They were then contacted and questioned in turn. Many were reluctant and some even refused to co-operate.

After much effort the AuthBridge team was able to get some of the previous ‘employees’ to reveal that the company in question was actually a ‘fake’ one. It was set up with the sole business objective of providing false testimonials and work references. For a fee, of course! They had stopped operating this business and vanished.


The AuthBridge team then concluded that this was a scam and that Mr Arun was guilty of deception. His application was rejected and the case declared as ‘Discrepant’.


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