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The Set Up

Jigmee Bhutia applied for a job, with an AuthBridge client based on another’s educational qualifications. As part of AuthBridge’s background screening services our brief was to verify Mr Bhutia’s qualifications. Jigmee Bhutia also claimed to have previously worked a direct marketing firm.

Peeling Away the Layers

AuthBridge telephonically contacted the company. We discovered that they did not have a Human Resources department. The next step was to get in touch with the Managing Director of the Company. The MD declared that Jigmee Bhutia was not an employee of the company, rather he was a partner. He also said that Mr Bhutia was in Gangtok and could not possibly have applied for a job with our client. These disclosures prompted AuthBridge to send across a copy of the experience letter, provided by ‘Jigmee Bhutia.’

The Core

The result was that the true identity of the applicant turned out to be Mr Dawa. He was a former employee who had managed to get his hands on the real Jigmee Bhutia’s educational documents. Using Mr Bhutia’s qualifications he applied for a job with our client, who is a reputed tele-marketing business leader. Mr. Dawa’s deception was further confirmed after comparing his photo with that of the real Jigmee Bhutia.

The Implications

Stolen qualifications are a form of identity theft. Use of fake qualifications is rising at an alarming rate. Some world-wide estimates indicate that the growth at over 30% per annum. Another survey discovered that less than 23% of employers check qualifications during the application processes. Unqualified workers are a threat to the safety of colleagues, the success of the business and quality of products and services.

AuthBridge doesn’t stop at a mere phone call or superficial checks. Our attention to detail combined with the expertise of experienced operatives that have made us one of the leading background screening and risk management consultants in India.


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