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Security, Reliability and Customer Focus are fundamental hallmarks of our service

 Security is a priority for every business.  We help keep companies safe from complex business related risks.  As a partner of AuthBridge you tap into our background screening and risk mitigation solutions.  Our reliable and proven strategy will create a risk free workplace and business environment for your company.

Here’s how we make a difference

Knowledge & Information Power

In plain-speak the services we offer are mentored by some of the most experienced ex-officials from a variety of law enforcement agencies, including the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).  Many of them continue to advise those agencies - as well as Interpol.

Our knowledge pool consists of large global and domestic databases of individuals and organizations.  These are essential to the business of Risk Management and the integrity of client companies.  AuthBridge is the repository and initiator of advisories on Security – travel, technology hiring etc.  Clients benefit by our regular information updates about fake universities, organizations and institutions.

Customer Connection

Over 200 companies in and outside India have chosen us as their business partner - and continue to do so.  Their ongoing relationship with us stems from the strength of our suite of HR solutions, world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge IT and physical security technology tools.  All AuthBridge solutions are customized to meet client’s unique needs and help them make well-informed business and hiring decisions.

More than a third of our business is the result of client references.  There can be no more telling endorsement of our strong client connections.

Best of Breed

A strong symbol of AuthBridge’s processes is - THE BRIDGE.  It is a very advanced Workflow Application and the heart of our end-to-end automated processes.  Clients get to monitor work progress through an on-line module.  We are one of a handful of companies with such an electronic fire-walled networks system that add value to our processes.

Our attention to detail and quality processes is certified to ISO 9001 standards.

Information Security

We have a Biometric Access system at our Central Processing Centre, facility-wide CCTV surveillance and secure storage, access and destruction facilities.  All these security measures have been installed to ensure that client information remains confidential safe and secure. 

Every solution and service of AuthBridge is geared towards enhancing the client experience.

Let us help you secure your business.